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Watkins Replacement Spa Heater
Save At Least $200 Buying Factory Direct! From $189.99!

Watkins Spas Heater
[Fig. ]

We have made it easy to replace Watkins Spa Heaters
with our 100% Energy Efficent U.S. Patented CosmoHeat.
Watkins Spas Heater
Typical Watkins Heater as seen on the Internet.
[Fig. ]

George G. saved over $500 using Acura Spa replacement heater and pump in his Watkins Spa.
  • Click to see larger views

Mike K. rejuvenated his Watkins Spa with our CosmoHeat replacement heater and UVS100 UV Sanitizer.
Section A:  Our patented CosmoHeat is 100% directly submerged in the spa water. Only directly submerged heaters can be called 100% efficient in transferring electrical energy to heating the spa water.
This Heater is Built to Last.

This reliable patented heater element is designed with O-ring seals and without troublesome bulkheads, epoxy, brazing or welding.

[Fig. ]
We Designed it Safe.

The patented CosmoHeat Manifold and Electric Heater are the
safest submerged heaters in the Hot Tub Industry.

[Fig. ]


 If your plumbing is 1½" simply use a 2" to 1½" Reducer Bushing to change the plumbing on the heater from 2" to 1½".


Watkins Manufacturing Corporation have built over one million hot tubs and spas through the years. They manufacture in Mexico Address: Paseo Norte, Chilpancingo, Centenario, Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. The company rebranded to Watkins Wellness in March 2016. The company manufactures the Endless Pools™ line of aquatic fitness products and is also the world's largest manufacturer of hot tubs, including Hot Spring™ Spas, Hot Spot™ Spas, Caldera™ Spas, and the American Hydrotherapy Systems spa brands: Fantasy Spas™ and Freeflow Spas™. The Watkins Wellness dealer network extends into all 50 states and more than 70 countries.

All spas and Hot tubs need electric heaters to heat the spa water. At Acura Spa Systems we manufacture electric heaters for spas and hot tubs. Our heaters have powers over 1,300,000 spas since 1987 of different brands and make. We can also heat the Watkins spa water.

We also sell our products factory direct to consumers to help minimize the replacement pump cost by eliminating the middlemen. Consumers can navigate through our web site and select the proper pump that operates their spas.

Spa manufacturers do not manufacture heaters. They subcontract heater manufactures to produce and private label it for them. When purchasing the CosmoHeat, consumers purchase a reliable product, direct from the heater designer and save money by eliminating all middlemen in between. Acura Spa Systems still manufactures, designs and assembles the heaters in Riverside, California since 1986. Replacing a Watkins spa heater with Acura Spa Systems CosmoHeat will never harm your spa or the plumbing of your spa. Our electric heater is submerged and in direct contact with the spa water. Only submerged heaters can be called 100% efficient when transferring electric to heater energy. Only with submerged heater you can accomplish low operating cost. The Hot spring spa replacement heater is simple to install. All spa heaters are connected to the spa plumbing by two tubes, one IN and one Out. For example a Caldera spa heater is connected to your spa plumbing by ¾" tubing, replacing it with the CosmoHeat is very simple. Disconnect the in/out hoses from the old one and reconnect the hoses to the CosmoHeat. Unplug the two pins hi limit sensor as well as the 4 pin temperature sensor from the PC board and reconnect the sensors provided by the CosmoHeat. Disconnect the three wires from the board that power the electric heater and connect the three wires provided by the CosmoHeat in the same place. You must connect the external ground lug to your solid copper ground provided in your spa. We made it simple to replace a Hot Spot spa heater with CosmoHeat, simply look at the heater wattage on your hot spot spa and match it to ours. For Endless pool heater you select the wattage to match yours as well. Some Hot Spring spas and Caldera spas maybe equipped with 2" by 2" spa heater manifold. You may go to our spa heaters page and select the proper flow though heater for your application. Replacement heater for the Hot Spot Round, Hot Spot2, RE, RLX, SE, SLX, SLXtra, Tobago, Trinidad, Sorrento & Mallorca spa models! Made by Watkins manufacturing corporation. All these spas can be simply modified and be replaced by the spa replacement CosmoHeat Titanium heater.


All electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician according to National Electrical Code and all local codes and regulations.
All Grounding wire connections must be supervised or performed by a licensed electrician to ensure proper ground connections from the heater to the Balboa control box to the main ground. Failure to properly ground can lead to electrocution.
Acura Spa Systems, Inc. only warrants Acura Spa System's products.
Acura Spa Systems, Inc. does not warranty any product installation and/or repair done outside of Acura Spa System's facilities.
All plumbing work must meet I.A.P.M.O., UL 1563, and all local codes and regulations and must be performed by a licensed plumbing contractor.
Acura Spa Systems, Inc. only warrants Acura Spa System's products.
Acura Spa Systems, Inc. does not warranty any product installation and/or repair done outside of Acura Spa System's facilities.
All shipments are F.O.B. Riverside, California.


**Beating competitor's price: We will meet or beat any competitor's written quotation for hardware of the same capability, such as: plumbing size, voltage, motor horsepower, motor 1 or 2-speed, heater length, safety test report, etc.

A $9.95 Handling charge is applied to all orders.

All products sold per our "Terms and Conditions" found in the "Support" section of our menu.
All sales are final under our "DIY" program.

When your order is produced, the pump motor used (A.O. Smith, Regal Beloit, Marathon Electric, etc.) will be whatever is in stock in our factory at the time.